Real Rescue UGV team

Resquake scientific robotic team emerged in 2003 in the field of UGV robots or Unmanned Ground Vehicles under supervision of Dr. Taghirad;later on in 2012 and after several national and international achievements, the team was handed over to new staff and the name was changed to KN2C.This real rescue team is now operating on their latest self-built UGV, XerXes; the mentioned platform can be used in various fields such as rescue or military missions and in general, any operation that is dangerous to be engaged in directly.Traversing harsh terrains and difficult-to-pass areas, operating in toxic enivronments like minesand similar dangerous areas are some of the uses of this platform.To increase this platform's reflexes and speed in operations, the team has used the most efficient and possible mobility mechanisms andin order to increase it's stabilty, interfacing electronic circuits were used.

Traversing Difficult-to-Pass Areas

The main goal of this platform is operating in areas that are either dangerous or impossible to directly engage in. Stability and speed of robot are the most important needs of a UGV to assure it's efficiency. Suspensions system, managing and using different movement mechanisms analysis of stress and fatigue of different parts of the platform are used to assure the named needs.

Reliable Mechanical Arm

A strong, fast, stable and light Mechanical arm with a 7 DoF is designed specially for this team inorder to both not get in the way of robot's mobility and be able to handle different tasks.

Stable Electronic and User Friendly UI

Delivering operator's recieved commands from ui to movement actuators and actuallizing robot's movements plus sending the robot's feedbacks from the platform to station are all this team's electronic tasks; high electical power consumption and both amount and rate of data transfer makes the design of electriconic boards even harder.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the tasks of a rescue team, is to locate victims and their vitals plus detecting dangers and categorize them in order to increase speed and precision of rescue missions; Different thermal sensors, 2-way voice transmitter and several cameras are used for this part.

Semi and Full Autonomous Navigation

Fully auto navigation in unknown areas and locating victims and dangers along the way, is called Full autonomous. Semi autonomous is the platform completing a task after the operator's call.


best autonomy in AUTCUP 2015 RRL 2nd place
2nd place, best autonomy in AUTCUP 2015 RRL
ICRoM 2016 Demo & creativity competition 2nd place
2nd place in ICRoM 2016 Demo & creativity competition
IranOpen 2017 3rd place
Robocup 2017 5th place
5th place in Robocup 2017


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