KN2C Small Size Soccer League (SSL)

Small Size Soccer League of Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology was founded in 2009. Having significant improvements over these years, the main

focus of the team is on reaching several goals :

1- Implementation of robots cooperation in order to pass the ball

2 - Implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms such as POS, artificial neural networks (ANN), genetic algorithm and etc

3 - Using SSL platforms in related fields according to their resemblance (platforms such as agricultural robots and smart cars)

Small Size Soccer League competition

RoboCup Small Size Soccer League competition is one of the most important competitions of RoboCup. In this competition two teams any of which consists of 6 robots at maximum will compete against each other on a 9000 x 6000 mm field. These robots are limited in size and should be fit inside a cylinder with 18 cm of diameter and 15 cm of height. Localization of these robots is accomplished using cameras located at 4 meters above the ground. Frame rates of these cameras vary from  to 60 frames per se40cond. Raw data of them is then processed by the Shared Vision System and the position of robots and the ball is sent to teams. Then, the artificial intelligence will define some tasks for each robot based on their present position and the signals sent by the referee. After the data was processed in different layers, control signals are transmitted to robots eventually and each robot will operate based on the command it received.