IMAV2016 competition First Place

IMAV2016 First Place


IMAV2016 First Place
IMAV2016 First Place
International micro air vehicles conference and competition(IMAV 2016) was hosted in China this year by the Beijing Institute of Technology. Held form 17 Oct to 21 Oct 2016, about 24 teams from all over the world attended the indoor and outdoor competitions.

KN2C MAV team has been outperforming the peers in the last few years in many national competitions such as RoboCup Iran Open; while introducing itself as the most powerful research team in this field, KN2C attended the IMAVs for the first time and won IMAV2016 first place Indoor competition.

It is notable that KN2C is the first Iranian team winning first place at this competition.

  • Attendance at the IMAV tournament venue
  • Holding conversations with various teams
  • Achieving the first place of IMAV 2016
  • Representers of the team attending the tournament
  • MAV 2016 and 2017 organizers
  • KN2C MAV team
  • Drone
  • IMAV 2016 competition