In march of 2017, 6 KN2C members formed a RCSS2D (Robocup Soccer Simulation 2D). Base goal of this robot league is implementing advanced algorithms to improve Agent2d (base game for this league) and in higher, more advanced scales, implementing and improving advanced AI algorithms and machine learning. 2D soccer simulation is a perfect sample of Multi Agent systems which are becoming more popular in industries each year. Research, analysis and implementation of communication between elements of one of such systems is our team’s main goal.

2D Soccer Simulation League

RCSS2D league is the oldest robo league in international competition of Robocup. As the name suggests it, this league is about simulating a soccer with real world conditions in 2D. Each team has a coach, 11 players with different stamina, line of sight and skills; players’ sights have noises while coaches suffer a less penalty. In 2DSS competitions, 2 teams’ source codes are uploaded to a server and ran against one another. Game and its environment events and conditions are sent from server to each player and each coach sends his orders to server. Each game consists of 6000 cycles of 1 desi-seconds.


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