Since 2005, enthusiastic students of Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace and Materials engineering majors have operated in 4 main fields of UGV, MAV, SSL and 2D soccer simulator under the banner of KN2C roboticsteam with the purpose of combining theoretical and practical knowledge under the supervision ofHamidreza Taghirad – Ph.D, professor and dean of faculty of electrical engineering.

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Robocup 2017 Fifth place

Being in the competition fields for the first time, KN2C robotics team successfully got through the qualification process of the […]

Iran Open 2017

Each year, the international robotic competition of IranOpen is held with the participation of robotic teams from different universities around […]

IMAV First Place

International micro air vehicles conference and competition was hosted in China this year by the Beijing Institute of Technology. Held […]

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